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Welcome to Butter Bunny Bakery!  My name is Jessie Raflo and I'm so happy you are here!

With years of experience baking and the eye of a trained designer, I bring a unique sense of color and style to your custom order.  I go beyond just the Pinterest party trends to create unique works of art that truly reflect the personality of your loved ones and your special event.  I strive to make cakes that evoke emotions—whether that is a tear of joy in your grandma’s eye because the roses reminded her of the birthday cake of her childhood or laughter because of that inside joke that is referenced in buttercream.  Oh, and the taste?  This isn’t your regular grocery store cake—everything is made from scratch and baked fresh just for you.  Have a special event coming up?  You can fill out our Custom Cake Quote Form and someone will reach out to you within 48 hours to discuss your event and provide a quote. 

I learned to bake on the apron strings of both my grandmother’s.  My dad’s mom, Grandma Mac, taught me how to roll cinnamon rolls, bake bread and make cream doughnuts.  Feeding people was her love language and her home always smelled wonderful. 

My mom’s mom, Grandma C, was a school cook and truly believed the world’s problems could be solved by sharing sweets.  Having a problem with a difficult neighbor?  Just bring them a pie and it will all work out.  A friend needs cheering up?  A plate of fresh cookies makes everyone smile.  While I’m not naïve enough to think that butter and sugar can save the world, it sure makes it a lot happier place to be!  I’ve always gotten so much joy out of creating delicious treats for my family and friends and I love getting to share that joy with my customers, too. 

In addition to special occasion cakes, we also offer a variety of freshly baked goodies that are available to order for pick-up and delivery each week, Tuesday-Thursday.  Our menu rotates monthly and features seasonal favorites and local produce whenever possible.  We bake on demand, so everything is as fresh when you receive it—it might even still be a little warm!  We bake fresh bread once a month on our special Bread Day and also have other special days like Sweet Roll Saturdays and special holiday menus.  

Please take a look around--check out our Custom Cake Gallery for some inspiration and don't forget to sign up below to receive our email newsletter and be notified whenever our new menu is posted and be the first one to know about specials and holiday preorders. 

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